6 Reasons Why You Need Website For your small business.

New independent and small businesses focus on spending money only when they need to, they run on a lean operation. That could be a reason for many business owners to think that a business website is an extravagance and an avoidable luxury, which they can easily do without. Few business owners, who are a little more serious about their business, might think that a Facebook page can get them enough leads, or a conventional email campaign can help them.

But the truth is, a simple and effective website is a strong foundation of any business. It has important information for your clients to know more about your business and services. If you own a small business, you need to realise that website is not an expensive luxury, but it is affordable and fundamental necessity. Your clients expect that you will have one.

  1. Website is a strong foundation for efficient marketing: Did you know that 85% of B2B customers search on Google before making a decision and most of the users admit to judging a company’s credibility based on their website design? All your business details and product information and live promotions should be up-to-date on your website.

  2. Website builds credibility and control: There is nothing like being found on the top google search results. It provides a sense of conformance to the customer about the credibility of your business. It portrays your willingness to grow and the passion towards your business.​ ​ If you think that Facebook page is good to go and is enough for a profitable business, you are perfectly wrong. It implies reliance on a on a 3rd party platform to showcase yourself, which may or may not always work in your favour. We are at the mercy of the service provider who can change the policies in an instant and shut down our account. This in turn will affect our entire online presence.

  3. Website connects you with new clients: Your website can attract new clients, previously unaware about your business. In the present market, customers search for suggestions over the internet to get the best service. Through your website, you can generate revenue from targeting the right crowd. But for being on the top list of the google suggestions, it calls for an expert to design your website.

  4. Website sells your services/products online: Your website acts as a digital branding platform. Unlike the traditional print publicity, you can always edit your promotions and products on-the-go at virtually no cost. Websites with e-commerce and online purchasing option help you to sell your products 24x7 with ease.

  5. Website brings added benefits for small businesses: We always have a misconception in our minds that websites are only meant for big companies and global enterprises with worldwide audience. But we tend to forget that websites are the platform for a global outreach. ​ ​ Google search always shows results based on location. If you are looking for a dentist, Google won’t show the results of Dental Clinics in Australia unless you live there.​ So, it is quite evident, that there are endless opportunities through a website for small and local business.​

  6. Websites are affordable to set up:​ Many of small business owners think that owning a website is complicated and expensive, so they rely on the third-party service provider and end up spending more. But building and hosting a website is cheaper than ever before. Talk to us and know for yourself.

Inspired from: Medium

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